cake boutique

Freshest Breads

We offer the freshest breads and pastries in Dalian. Baked with utmost care three times daily, our breads look delicious, smell wonderful, and taste even better. Crack open a roll or spread the jam on the slice of wheat bread. Enjoy the freshness.

Fabulous Cakes

We use the freshest cream, butter, and cheese from New Zealand  and Australia and the richest chocolate from Belgium in all our creations. Try our famous cheese cakes or bite into a slice of the impossibly rich and creamy chocolate ganache.

Satisfying Sandwiches

Among our good selection of tasty and filling sandwiches is banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich famous worldwide for its juicy and crunchy bite. Complement your sandwich with a rich cup of LAVAZZA, ZAVIDA, or drip-style coffee from Vietnam!